BMC Anvil’s Caching Tech

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Caching Technologies present and upcoming

caching being a major feature, I focused on getting the application out without adding an external cache layer.
to showcase tech and skills it is ok not to have a dedicated cache, but if the app evolves into something bigger a proper cache layer will be in order.


currently I implemented caffeine cache over some expensive ops to demonstrate a few uses and tricks for startup-company-like applications.

if you are curious on how to tackle bigger company apps that require proper caching, you can check this functional reactive pipeline note that shows the core engine of an application.

the above note can be a preview of the evolution of BMC_Anvil.


in the future, if the application grows above the showcase status, the cache implementation will be most likely an IMDG such as Hazelcast or red-hat’s Infinispan.

given that I am already on red-hat / Jboss ecosystem I might look into infinispan and learn something new, although I have used extensively Hazelcast in past projects with great results.