BMC Anvil’s FAQs

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BMC Anvil’s FAQ

For how long data is stored on the system?

once deployed the services will be restarted at least once a week dropping all tables and wiping all data.
there are no backups of the database so all data is deleted.
as this is an evolving project I might push updates wiping the data more often.

Will there be a commercial version of BMC Anvil?

the back-end is Open Source Software and Apache Licensed.
the front-end / UI is a licensed version of Falcon React template by ThemeWagon

if there is enough traction and interest, a cloud based version will be developed.
if the above becomes true, there will be a free self-hosted version available too

What is the tech Stack Used on the Back-End?

I used Java (OpenJDK) as the implementation language and the following Technologies:

  • OpenJDK 20 (and updating to latest as it gets out and proves compatible, 21ea is currently not)
  • PostgreSQL 15.3
  • Quarkus 3.1.2.FINAL (and updating to latest as it gets out)
    • quarkus-resteasy-reactive
    • quarkus-resteasy-reactive-jackson
    • quarkus-hibernate-reactive-panache
    • quarkus-hibernate-validator
    • quarkus-reactive-pg-client
    • quarkus-config-yaml
    • quarkus-arc
  • Hibernate reactive 6.2.4.FINAL (via quarkus dep)
  • utils:
    • lombok
    • maven
  • Robot avatars by Robohash

What is the tech Stack Used on the Front-End / UI?

you can check the Falcon Template web to learn more!

Where can I see / get the Back-End Code?

the code is public and hosted on GitHub.
Go to BMC_Anvil’s repo, or just hit your terminal with:

 git clone