This is a collection of notes about BMC_Anvil, a showcase application to demonstrate skills, technologies and explore some interesting tricks and tech in a rounded usable application.

given the nature of software developer’s interviews, this application began as a means to showcase skills and new technologies and also be of use as guide for the chosen tech in a complex and “big” codebase.

BMC_Anvil aims to be a project management tool backed up by boards, scheduling, tasks and to-dos, statistics, and predictions.
the kind of tool that has been around for a long time, with many successful variants. If you check you will find several paying, freemium and free apps under the following categories that achieve the same as BMC_Anvil:

there are hundreds if not thousands of alternatives and dozens of well established applications in the project / task management space. I chose this type of app on purpose as it would make it easy to convey skills and intentions on an established problem space. It also poses difficult enough problems that are interesting as a showcase and teaching application to work on.

it is likely you reached this site after an interview, checking my LinkedIn profile or looking for a solution for the tech stack used here.
I hope you enjoy reading the notes and drop me a line if you find this interesting, find a bug, or need some clarification about code, tech or the notes themselves.

welcome to BMC_Anvil!

anvil showcase kanban dark
anvil showcase kanban dark
anvil showcase kanban light
anvil showcase kanban light

Dig into the disclaimer or into the tech introduction note for a little more history about the app.