BMC Anvil’s testing

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Testing Strategies

Unit Testing

after some thinking, I will write a few of these to prevent an interviewer to have a heart attack if they don’t see any…

End-To-End testing

I will try and prioritize these tests and integrate them via postman.

On testing in general:

when writing the app it was second nature to start testing “everything”.

I realized that on a brand new moving target as this app, unit-testing everything meant to redo or update a lot of testing code as the entities and the app grew more and more complex…

that got me thinking and I started reading and watching videos about testing strategies…

I then created a suite in postman that would rarely change and still creates some degree of a guardrail for the code. Basically, regardless the implementation the result was still being tested and passed or failed.

I am not yet sold on a given testing strategy, so I will meditate about this a little bit more before committing to test the code in one given way or a mix of both.

because of the nature of the app a mix of both might be the way to go eventually.