About bare_metal_code

Some notes about programming

I started writing these notes:

  • To track some info that was hard to come by over the net
  • To practice a few topics by trying to explain them
  • To share a few findings I found when trying to figure out some strange problems

Mind that not a single solution proposed here is a definite solution, or the best solution or sometimes even may be a bad solution.
Use the site knowing that there is no guarantee that your neighbour’s wig won’t catch fire if you follow a note from here.

As my knowledge, tools, frameworks, versions, etc..., evolve, so will the posts.

Given that I am mostly a x-Nix user there is likely to be no articles involving other OSs.
I use a small array of Linux flavours, commonly Manjaro, OpenSuSE - tumbleweed, Ubuntu.
On the BSD side, apart from MacOS, I might occasionally play on FreeBSD