About Me

Hi there!
My name is John Xavier, a self taught tech enthousiast writting some notes about programming

About bare_metal_code

I started writing these notes:

  • To track some info that was hard to come by over the net
  • To practice a few topics by trying to explain them
  • To share a few findings I came across when trying to figure out some strange problems

Feel free to share, use and modify any or all pieces of code or procedures you find here.
Mind that no solution proposed here is a definite solution, or the best solution or sometimes even maybe a bad solution.
Use the site knowing that there is no guarantee that your neighbour’s wig won’t catch fire if you implement an algorithm from this site.

As my knowledge, tools, frameworks, versions, etc, evolve, so will the solutions and the notes.

About this jekyll theme

this site is hosted on github and uses jekyll templating
the theme currently in use is a modified version of BlackDoc by: Karlo Espiritu.